Our historical archive

Our historical archive

Our historical archive is a synthesis of history, art and creativity. In fact, it represents an inexhaustible source of inspiration for our textile company: both for the creation of fabrics and for product development. 

The archive, consolidated over the decades and constantly evolving, includes original documents and vintage fabrics. It compares and enhances different styles, resulting in a concentration of beauty, colors and lines. 

The concept of archive has never been more modern than today: the transmission of the history of craft production goes hand in hand with the constant research and experimentation of the Research & Development office on colors and structures. This process of continuous evolution and experimentation is essential to the creation of handcrafted fabrics that are both classic and contemporary.

Our historical archive

From inspiration to creation

Tradition and research therefore meet, giving life to absolutely unique, different and contemporary proposals, fundamental for the creation of high-quality, craft fabrics.

The first step within our creation and ideation process begins with the search for the right inspiration for our new collections among archive drawings. This creative journey then proceeds with the exploration of other environments: in fact, we also like to dive into vintage luxury markets and travelling to iconic and traditional places where we find the most original and beautiful prints and garments. Our archive of drawings and prints is not just a collection of memories, but becomes a dynamic laboratory where history meets innovation.

Our Historical Archive
Our Historical Archive
Our Historical Archive

Designed by hand

Designed by hand (from scratch)

Designed by computer

Design from our archive

Designed from our archive

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