Our Design Techniques

Our fabric design techniques

Fabric manufacturing is an art that combines tradition and innovation. We are proud to say that each project is an authentic tailor-made masterpiece that we keep exclusive for each customer.
Our manufacturing process is an exciting journey through which unique and original styles and trends come out.

Design of Customized Fabrics

The essence of our custom fabric design is based on crafts and precision. We design fabric prints starting from an original idea, transforming it into a tangible reality through our Style Office. Our design team doesn’t just follow trends: they create them, according to the specific needs of our customers and integrating them into the texture and design of the fabric.

Tradition and innovation in Design Processing

In the heart of our fabric manufacturing there is a deep respect for tradition, combined with a constant search for innovation. We use manufacturing techniques that have been improved over the centuries, integrating them with modern methods in order to create fabrics that are not only beautiful but also functional and eco-sustainable.

From the choice of the yarns to weaving, each step is scrupulously controlled to ensure that the final product meets the highest quality standards. Our attention to detail also extends to printing and coloring techniques, where the use of bright colors and innovative techniques allow you to transform a simple fabric into a work of art.

The finishing processes and treatments we apply to our fabrics not only improve the aesthetic appearance of the fabric but also increase its durability, ensuring that each creation maintains its beauty over time.

Our fabric manufacturing process and the technical expertise of our team allow us to both maintain high quality standards and offer our customers truly unique fabrics.

Our Historical Archive
Our Historical Archive
Our Historical Archive

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