tessuti ecostostenibili made in italy

Studio Elle: Three generations of Italian textile producers

We are honored to announce that Studio Elle was recently highlighted by IlSole24Ore, the prestigious economic-financial newspaper, with a interview with the evolution of Italian textile word during three generations.

Studio Elle represents not only an excellence on the fabrica italian scene, but also a symbol of innovation and sustainability.

Founded in 1951 by Franca and Renzo Vaccani, the company came to the third generation, keeping faith with the vision of the founders: combining quality craftsmanship with the incessant research of new textile solutions.

In the article, IlSole24Ore celebrates this commitment, highlighting our eco-friendly feeling and our dedication to a circular economy.

Today, the second and third generations work together in a combination of experience, creativity and love of beauty, collaborating to create exclusive and personalized collections of the highest quality. We are committed to preserving the environment with the production of yarns and fabrics that not only respect nature, but also raise the quality standard of the sector.

We invite you to read the complete article, clicking on the image below.

tessuti ecostostenibili made in italy
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